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Are you weary of subpar WordPress development? Have you been grappling with a maze of complexities your current developer can't resolve? Or perhaps you've faced the challenges of hiring talent yourself, only to be let down by the experience. Duran Digital provides the antidote to these woes. We bring in-depth understanding of WordPress intricacies, married to a commitment to execute it with the utmost precision and efficiency.

Squandering your budget on expensive project-based WordPress companies is a thing of the past. With Duran Digital, you get quality service at reasonable hourly rates, promising you greater control and transparency.  Whether you're dealing with Elementor, Avada, Bakery, or WooCommerce, facing security concerns or grappling with plugin integrations, we've got you covered. Name your WordPress challenge, and rest assured, Duran Digital is well-equipped to handle it with expertise and ease.

Turning WordPress Challenges into a Walk in the Park

Speed Optimization?

We'll skyrocket your site preformance and propel it into the Green Score

Website Accessibility Issues?

Adding all the aids and removing all barriers, we'll ensure an accessible playground for all users

API Integration Hassles?

We feast on JSON and XML for breakfast, and SOAP your site so you can REST.

Customization Limits?

Surpass any boundary with custom post types and taxonomies

WooCommerce Frustrations?

Checkout, filters and product page wizards at your command

Your Site Was Hacked?

We'll scrub it clean, fortify your security and purify your server.

Theme-Plugin Conflicts?

Your child-theme can be harmonized with any WP builder

Responsivity Woes?

Seamless rendering on every screen, guaranteed

Custom Theme Development?

We'll conceive your vision, and birth your perfect child theme.

Poor SEO Rankings?

We'll plant the SEO seeds, cultivate organic growth, so you can harvest top SERPs

Outdated Themes & Plugins?

We'll be your ever-vigilant timekeepers, catching every update before its too late

Struggling with Scalability?

We'll architect your website like a skyscraper, designed for sky-high growth and expansion

​Assembling Excellence, Pixel by Pixel

Active Developers

(You will get the best one)

Client Satisfaction
(3% Wanted a time machine)
Years of Experience
(We do not hire juniors)
FOTIF Delivery Rate

(Forever On Time In Full)

It's More Than Just Talent: The Perfect Blend of Expertise and a Well-oiled System

Around The Clock

Project Management
Innovative Strategies to Save
Your Time and Your Money
Skill Set Precision: We Match
You with the Perfect Fit
Time Tracking
You're Not Alone: A Dedicated
Manager is included in the price

Steps for Your Bright Wordpress Future

Your past was your past

You were still wandering between the pieces of your needs, not sure always what is the best approach and which developer will be the one


You leared about the possibility to work with us

...and you are ready to take the leap forward.


You'll get your first task done in a way that will change your life forever. You found the One, and the One found you.

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Wordpress Developer - Freelancer - Price Per Hour 

On Demand


  • Call us now and ask something urgent
  • Then say goodbye untill the next time
  • No Commitments
  • No Strings Attached

50 Hours Package


/ Hour
  • 50 Hours Minimum
  • Pay in advanced - use when you need it
  • Best for growing companies
  • Call us 24/7 for anything urgent

Monthly Cycle


/ Hour
  •  Minimum 120 Hours a month
  • 3 months mutual commitment
  • Unlimited customization
  • 24/7 toll-free support

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