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Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

How to win the Google race? Together, we will build a unique and organic SEO strategy that follows a methodology that was successfully tested in the past 20 years.

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Advanced Marketing Strategies

What Is Advanced Online Marketing? Spotting the important online junctions and building a multi layered system (marketing funnels) to create awareness, repeated appearance and call to actions.

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Digital Advertising

How to grow in advertise and stay profitable? Lay a smart but wide grid, calculate every pulse, than optimize your online campaigns at exact ratio to the actual profitable sources.

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Marketing Technologies Experts

Interested in taking over the Internet? We will map all marketing technologies relevant to our brand and point them in your way. Intelligent, learning machine, growing and evolving. Step by step to become an online empire.

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Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Duran agency offers full digital marketing services for brands that wish to grow in their online marketing results. We specialized in promoting and increasing the profitability of online assets, because we execute a digital marketing strategy that is assembled from all the domains, websites, blogs and social pages that is working smoothly in a structural automated marketing funnel directed to completing the brands marketing goals.

Intelligent promotion of the brand main site – or strategically pushing different angles in the digital marketing funnel leads to unstoppable digital growth.

Marketing managers and company owners recognize the power of professional digital marketing and seek the best digital marketing agency that can fulfill their wish for online promotion. Within the sea of agencies and ​​service providers, Duran is particularly prominent for the proven success over the years and the full service of any digital marketing activity the brand wishes to execute.

We understand the deep differences between big companies and giant online brands, and small websites wish to start and grow, and offer a tailor made digital marketing strategy and campaigns accordingly.

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