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When developing software, you have to take care of a wide number of aspects in order to bring about the success of the project. Compared to many software companies that place special emphasis on the quality of the code and the efficiency of its execution - but these are all in all the most basic elements of the job. At Duran, beyond the quality of the code and security, we place special emphasis on the fact that the software will look amazing, and that the users who are supposed to use it will enjoy every moment.

Software development processes

Even before characterizing which systems should be used, it is important to first characterize the main goals for which they are even starting to develop. Creating a hierarchical ranking of the purposes of use for the main manager, managers or internal agents and the end users optimizes the technological characterization processes and ensures a correct view of the growth of the activity in the software over time. Together we will characterize the needs according to the user groups and thus we can effectively plan the databases, the visual screens and the experiential processes that will take center stage in the new software.

Developing software that users will love to use

The user interface and its experience when using software (what is professionally called UI/UX) is the central element in creating successful software. We offer software development adapted to all devices and possible forms of information presentation (with perfect responsiveness for computers, tablets and mobiles). The flow processes of the screens and options in the system should be properly connected to data measurement and analysis systems, and big data. Building a smart system will make it possible to learn about the level of loyalty and the depth of usability reached by the users. Such information is a very valuable asset and the owners of the software can use it for improvements, to deepen the loyalty of the users of the software, and to increase the profitability of the business that owns the software. Contact us today and together we will characterize the first important components on your way to developing software that will not only be effective, but also one that users will love to use and will be loyal over time.

How do you choose a software house?

Why choose Duran? Because we are experts in software development strategy that can be marketed and distributed widely, efficiently and profitably. Because all of us (from the founder to the last of the programmers) are people who were born with a keyboard since the time when the keyboard was connected to the computer, the screen was green and no one knew what hacking was. We are not only experts in vulnerabilities and information security, but also experts in the correct characterization of the user experience and effective distribution methods that lead to high loyalty among software users. Duran has over a decade of experience in serving leading entities and brands in the Israeli economy, and over two decades of expertise in developing advanced and complex systems using the leading and most modern development tools available.

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