Connecting CRM and ERP systems to the brand website

​Connecting CRM and ERP systems to the brand website

Duran has over 20 years of experience building websites and integrations with CRM and ERP systems, combining the most advanced marketing and advertising technologies on the Internet.

Connecting a CRM system or an ERP system to the brand's digital assets is an integral part of website building work or digital promotion and marketing work.

Connecting the brand's marketing and sales systems

A client relationship management system (CRM - Client Relationship Management System) is a software used by brands to effectively manage the names, details, information and orders related to their customers. An enterprise resource planning system (ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning System) is a name for an umbrella system for all the systems related to the organization's resources (employees, internal information, finances, orders, procurement, etc.), and which contains an internal CRM system, or allows an efficient connection to external CRM systems .

A situation in which the website, the browsing and registration system, contact forms, sales, clearing, user registration, etc., is not connected to the other systems that manage the actual management of those surfers or potential customers, makes it very difficult for growth and profitability from Internet campaigns.

An effective connection of the CRM and ERP systems with the website and the marketing campaigns allows not only efficiency in customer care but also optimization and high profitability from the digital campaigns. A stable and two-way connection between the digital assets and the brand's customer management systems allows for a good understanding of the viability of the campaigns, the effectiveness of the surfers who contact the brand, an accurate diagnosis of the range of possible types of customers from the Internet and ultimately a drastic increase in the profitability of the brand's digital marketing.

Connecting all digital assets to the marketing funnel

  • Mapping all of the brand's digital assets and the measurement and integration options
  • Connecting different levels in the marketing funnel to different components in CRM and ERP systems
  • The division of the marketing funnel into levels of exposure, contact and communication with the brand
  • Duran has over 20 years in building websites and integration with technological systems
  • Connecting advanced advertising, marketing and measurement technologies to different stages in the funnel
  • Using the most advanced marketing and advertising technologies on the Internet

Surfers who go through a marketing funnel become more loyal customers

Duran has over 20 years of experience in building websites and integrations between technological systems. To contact us about connecting a CRM system or an ERP system to a website or other digital marketing issues - you can contact us by phone at 03-5227221 or via the email

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